Ultramemcache: python-ultramemcached and django-ultramemached-cache

A few months ago I came across a package on GitHub called Ultramemcache, which was described as “Ultra fast memcache client written in highly optimized C++ with Python bindings.”

Using Ulramemcache, I modified the common python-memcached library to use Ultramemcache, making sure it could be used as a drop in replacement. Check out python-ultramemcached on my GitHub page.

I also put together a django cache backend using Ultramemcache. This currently does not require my python-ultramemcached library. Check out django-ultramemcached-cache on my GitHub page.

2 thoughts on “Ultramemcache: python-ultramemcached and django-ultramemached-cache”

    1. This cache backend is usable, but it might be better to use my drop in replacement for python-memcached, “python-ultramemcached”. That library is on pypi. You could implement it using the django memcached base class and pass in the new library like so:


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