Boxee Box “Can’t connect to internet” fix, cloned Boxee services

The Boxee Box was a short lived but powerful set top box by D-link that was released 2010 and discontinued 2012.

All Boxee Boxes relied on an application server hosted by D-link at for periodic phone-home calls and service endpoints.

In June 2019 these application servers went down, resulting in all Boxee Boxes still in operation throwing “Can’t connect to internet” errors and all user profiles and apps going offline.

In August 2019 I released a small python Flask app, boxee-server-light, to replace the downed servers. This code was created by referencing an existing project by Jimmy Conner (cigamit, forums).

To use it, you’ll need to add DNS entries for all boxee application urls, pointing to the boxee-server-light application.

For example:

… where the IP is the address of the Flask application.

For those who are unable to run their own DNS or this application, I am hosting a public version of this code. You can add my public DNS server to your router config, or set it as custom DNS on your Boxee Box in network settings. You can also point directly to my public application server using your own DNS.

My public DNS server is by whitelist only, so please email me (I don’t check comments often) if you would like access.

Public DNS server address:
Public application server address:

For more up to date info and discussion, check out my Reddit post:



Do I need a static IP address from my ISP to use the public DNS?
Yes. I’ll need to whitelist your IP address. If you get a new one every day this won’t work.

I run my own local DNS. Do I need to be whitelisted to use your application server?
No. Map the boxee domains to my public app server as shown above. No whitelist required.

I’m logged out of my boxee box. How do I log back in while using this app?
Any username and password combo will work to log you back in.

I reset my boxee box. What firmware do I need to be using to use your public servers?
1.5.1 (latest) seems to work best. If you can’t find this firmware, email me.

Do apps work with this project?
I don’t have any apps connected yet. PRs welcome. I’m not 100% sure if app downloading will work without some additional code.

43 thoughts on “Boxee Box “Can’t connect to internet” fix, cloned Boxee services”

  1. Hello Nick,

    I would like access to your DNS server to be able to restore My Boxee box, but i dont know what info do you need from me to allow access for me
    thanks a lot for your effort and support

  2. Hi Nicholas,

    I was looking for a way to make my Boxee work again, and I followed the instructions found on which lead me to this page.
    Unfortunately, I’m unable to setup a Docker server since I’m running a LTSC version of Windows 10. Could you please add me to your whitelist (I don’t know what piece of informations you need)?

    Thanks for the hard work provided!

  3. Dear Nick,
    Im from the Netherlands and my Boxee isnt working any more.
    Can jou give me acces to jour plublic server.
    And a list how to instal it again.
    Hope you can help me.
    Sorry for my bad englisch.

    Douwe Veenstra

  4. Hi,

    I found your article about the boxee server and I would really like to get acess to your public server..

    I´m not sure what info you need from me to add me to whitelist, though…

  5. Hi Nicholas
    I understand you’re our hero regarding Boxee!
    I am unable to run my own DNS, so I would like to sign up for your public application
    Best regards from Denmark

  6. Hi Nick.
    Yesterday, I’ve deleted by mistake my (only) user existing on my box. Since then, I’ve been stuck in the “login windows” loop, with no chance to step further 🙁

    After reading your post and set up a DNS server on my network to forward all requests “*” to your app server, I’ve been able to pass the login phase and regain the control of my boxee.
    Now I’m able to play content hosted on my smb server like I did before.

    Thank you from Spain!!

    1. Hola Gianluca, ¿estas en España? a mi me pasa totalmente lo mismo, ¿me puedes decir como has pasado de la fase de inicio de sesión? ¿Qué configuración o servidor has utilizado para que funcione? si quieres me puedes enviar la respuesta a mi email particular ( Te lo agradecería mucho. Gracias.

  7. Hi There

    I’m trying to connect my Boxee Box to the internet and keep getting this error “Ethernet cord plugged om, but we can’t connect to the internet. I’m assuming that I need to use Manual settings?

    My Network settings are as follows:

    IPv4 address: (Preferred)
    Subnet Mask:
    DNS Server:

    I’m stuck on how to progress. Please can you assist if possible?
    Thank you

  8. Hi Nicholas
    I need your help with my Boxee!
    So would also like to sign up for your public application since I can’t run my own DNS-server.
    Best regards from Sweden

  9. Hi Nicholas,

    First of all, thanks for a great job with the boxee! I’ve got your python app running and my box gets past the create user part. My problem is installing the boxee+hacks since my box is at I need to upgrade to but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I’ve downloaded the iso from and tried to upgrade my box with it, but it’s still at 1.2.3xxx after the upgrade. Do you have another iso or is the one mentioned above the only version you have? Appreciate your help 🙂

    Kind Regards

  10. Hello Nick,
    What a mistake to reset the Box 🙂
    Can you please put me on the whitelist ?
    Thank you in advance


  11. Good Morning Nick
    This is awesome that You have done this..

    Would You be able to add me to the White list so i can get my Boxee alive again ?
    My Wan ip is Dynamic so I’m not sure what is needed to do this.
    Please Help

    Thank You Muchly


  12. Dear Nick,
    I’m Marthijn from the Netherlands. Also my Boxee isn’t connecting to the internet anymore.
    Can jou help us and give me acces to your plublic server? And perhaps help with how to instal it again?

    Hope you can help!

    PS Sorry for my bad Englisch.

    Grtz Marthijn Jansen

  13. Hi Nick,
    I would like to be added to your whitelist, hopefully it’ll get my Boxee Box back up running.
    Thank you so much 4 your effort.

    Greetings from Denmark.

  14. Normally never comment on stuff like this but Nick did me a solid and really helped me making this work. GREATLY appreciate you resurrecting my BoxeeBox. Cheers to you!

  15. I stupidly did a Factory restore and have lost access, as there no internet.
    hoping your suggestion will restore it to near normal so i can root again.
    pls add me to your white list.
    txs John Race

  16. Hi Nick, I would like to access your DNS server please. I also did a factory reset and cannot connect to the internet.

  17. Hi Nick,

    I got a used Boxee Box which, of course does not connect to the internet. So, of course since ,I didn’t know better,I foolishly did a factory reset.

    I know my IPS address, and I can add addresses to the DNS servers and add search domains, but I don’t know how to set up my computer as a server.

    Will your solution work on a Mac? That would be my preferred platform.

    I would like to set up my own server, but if I can’t I would like to be whitelisted on yours.

    Thank you.

  18. Hello!

    I would like you to help me to bring my Boxee to life again.
    I come to the window where I shall connect to internet an insert ip, dns etc. And it won`t connect of course.
    How do I go from there??

    Hans Johansson

  19. Nick,
    My local DNS (PiHole) is waiting for work 😉
    However how do I run boxee-server-light outside of docker?
    Running directly in python exits immediately Please help.

  20. I think I solved (sofar) the problem by adding:
    if __name__ == ‘__main__’ :, port=80, host=’′)


    1. Glad you figured it out! Sorry for the delayed comment. Been a while since I ran the server straight via Flask. Would have needed to see the error you got to debug.

  21. Hola gusto en saludarte, mi nombre es Gilbermar Barreto, por favor me ayudas para colocar tu servidor como dns, poco entiendo, pero alli voy
    aca mi ip:

  22. Hello!

    I would like you to help me to bring my Boxee to life again.
    I come to the window where I shall connect to internet an insert ip, dns etc. And it won`t connect of course.
    How do I go from there?
    I would like to be added to your whitelist.
    I dont Speak English :c

  23. Nicholas,
    Thanks for all your effort to help us get our BBs back up and running.
    I would like to add my IP address to your Whitelist however I am uncertain of which specific IP address you want.
    I’m hoping to get Kodi installed but I made the mistake of doing a factory Reset and now I can’t get past the setup stage. I looking for the simplest workaround.

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